An Honest Note to Moms on Mother’s Day

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An honest note to moms on mother's day | #mothersday #mothersdaygift #mothersdaycard #mothersdaydiy #makemomsday #mothersdaybrunch #mothersdayideas #mothersdaycake

Caring for little ones is hard work. And, while it is certainly beautiful, it probably doesn’t look picture-perfect. I’d actually argue that maybe it shouldn’t.

Kids crash into your life and disrupt everything, don’t they?

I just tucked in a screaming, thrashing toddler who is now peacefully napping but still covered in dried-up yogurt from breakfast. And I also told the preschooler that, if she didn’t let go of the running hose RIGHT NOW, I would spray her with it.

We are constantly bombarded with the beautiful images of parenthood. But they don’t do justice to the role of mom.

Every time you get interrupted in the middle of a shower (or worse, have to walk out of your room naked) to go address something.
Every time you step on a LEGO and resist the urge to curse. 
Every time you have to microwave your coffee.
When you look at your budget and reminisce about the salary you’ve given up. 
Every time you realize that car rides are no longer a peaceful retreat when you have noisy, talkative children in the backseat.
Every time you have to wait until they’ve eaten before you can eat your own food.
Every middle-of-the-night wake-up.
Every Saturday you anticipate, only to remember that weekends aren’t actually any different from weekdays.
Every trip to the grocery store, every piece of toast made (with the crust cut off), every cup of milk poured — realize this.

Motherhood isn’t supposed to look picture-perfect.

Instead of feeling frustrated by the messes and the #momhair, give yourself a pat on the back. You are putting someone else’s needs before your own. I know these moments individually don’t seem like much. But, when combined together, day-in and day-out, these little sacrifices amount to so much.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend. Be blessed. Be encouraged.

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2 Replies to “An Honest Note to Moms on Mother’s Day”

  1. Truth! And don’t we moms feel like we are lacking something when the house is a mess, we forget to put on basic makeup, or brush our teeth. Especially when we see picture perfect photos of “family life” all over the internet.

    1. Exactly!

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