DIY Valentine’s Day Craft | Easy Personalized Candy Bag

DIY Valentine's Day | #diy #valentinesday #valentinesdaycraft #valentines

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I’m usually too cheap to buy the standard Valentine cards at the store. If I have time, I opt for handmade. They turn out cuter and are often much easier to make than they seem.

Thanks to these cute little muslin bags and some stencils and paint I had lying around, an easy and cute DIY Valentine’s Day craft was only 10 minutes away.  An added bonus was that the kids had a blast making them.

Heads-up: I will say that if you are planning on doing something like this, consider your mommy mood first. If you’re feeling free and easy, go for the craft paint. If you’re already stressed, save your sanity and give the kids some ultra-washable markers instead.  Just realize that if the bags get washed for some reason, the drawings won’t make it. read more

New Year’s Eve with Kids | How to Celebrate

After the excitement of Christmas is over, there’s one celebration before the holiday season comes to a close: New Year’s Eve. We usually consider New Year’s Eve to be more of an adult-friendly holiday. The after-midnight bedtime and champagne toasts make that clear. However, there are plenty of fun and easy ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with kids.

New Year's Eve with Kids | #newyears #newyearseve #kids #family #party #holidays #2019 #partyforkids

New Year’s Eve with Kids #1 | Turn Your Living Room into a Disco

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, these shorter days are working in your favor. Take advantage of the early sunset by turning your living room into a disco party. With a portable disco ball and some music, you and your kids will have a blast. read more

21 THM Christmas Recipes

The holidays are here! I’m jumping up and down at the thought of it. There’s so much fun and beauty to enjoy during this season. And, for once, I have no stress about how it will impact my eating habits. With a little forethought and my handy Instant Pot, I can prepare healthy meals to enjoy amidst the bustle of the season. I’ve also been enjoying a new eating plan for about five months now and look forward to continuing in it over the holiday season. It’s called Trim Healthy Mama, and if you’ve never heard of it, you should definitely check it out. It’s balanced (unlike just about any other plan out there) and joyful. Whether you’re a seasoned Trim Healthy Mama, or just hearing about the plan now, check out these 21 THM Christmas recipes to see how you can enjoy the holidays and your health at the same time. Cheers! read more

15 last-minute father’s day gift ideas

June is here and Father’s Day is just around the corner — this weekend, actually! I don’t know about you, but I always seem to come up short when it comes to gift ideas for dads. Why are they so hard to shop for?! Apart from the standard tie (#nothappening), or maybe a surprise flock of backyard chickens, it can be a challenge to find the perfect gift for him. And if you procrastinate like I often do, you’ll need to find something quick. I’ve scoured the Internet and have compiled a list of a few perfect Father’s Day gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to that handsome face of his. And all are available on Amazon Prime, so you can have them on your doorstep by Sunday. read more

an honest note to moms on mother’s day

An honest note to moms on mother's day | #mothersday #mothersdaygift #mothersdaycard #mothersdaydiy #makemomsday #mothersdaybrunch #mothersdayideas #mothersdaycake

Caring for little ones is hard work. And, while it is certainly beautiful, it probably doesn’t look picture-perfect. I’d actually argue that maybe it shouldn’t.

Kids crash into your life and disrupt everything, don’t they?

I just tucked in a screaming, thrashing toddler who is now peacefully napping but still covered in dried-up yogurt from breakfast. And I also told the preschooler that, if she didn’t let go of the running hose RIGHT NOW, I would spray her with it. read more

10 ideas for an elegant mother’s day brunch

Mother's Day | #mothersday #mothersdaygift #mothersdaycard #mothersdaydiy #makemomsday #mothersdaybrunch #mothersdayideas #mothersdaycake

I cannot believe Mother’s Day is around the corner already! Lily has a special Mother’s Day tea at her preschool and I cannot wait to watch her perform her little Mother’s Day song with her classmates. I also can’t wait for actual Mother’s Day and look forward to kicking back with my family for a Mother’s Day brunch.

While I do enjoy having brunch at a restaurant, there’s something special about having a Mother’s Day brunch at home. It’s cozier and more flexible than one at a restaurant, but can still be just as elegant (even if you’re lazy like me!). Here’s the trick. read more

mother’s day gift ideas | what mom really wants

Mother's Day | #mothersday #mothersdaygift #mothersdaycard #mothersdaydiy #makemomsday #mothersdaybrunch #mothersdayideas #mothersdaycake

I remember Mother’s Day as a child. I couldn’t wait to give my mom her Mother’s Day gift (usually a hand-made artistic masterpiece, done in mixed media like crayon, construction paper, marker). I remember being excited to “help” my dad bring her breakfast in bed.

I also remember asking my mom why there isn’t a “Kid’s Day”.

[Cue my now hysterical-crying-can’tbreathe-laughter]

Now that I’m a mom, I understand the beauty in dedicating a day to mothers. I practically drool at the thought of it. read more

easy Easter eggs (inspired by the real Easter story)

Easy Easter Eggs | #easter #eastereggs #jesus #palm

Spring really is a magical time of year. After months of cold and darkness, seeing the first blooms of the season is like reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.

It is a season for fresh, new beginnings. A season for celebrating nature and enjoying the sunshine. It’s also a season of anticipation, in many ways.

I can’t help but look forward to the brighter, sunnier months ahead. And of course, I look forward to Easter (which is approaching in just a couple weeks)!

We love celebrating Easter with the traditional egg hunt and Easter baskets. I also love finding ways to emphasize Jesus in all of the festivities. read more

7 ideas for a darling (but practical) easter basket

Easter Basket Ideas #easter #easterbasket #parenting #minimalism #spring

We’ve sprung our clocks an hour ahead. Our hens are laying double-time, and the hummingbirds are dueling over our lemon tree blossoms.

Spring is here. Hallelujah!

We have Easter in a couple weeks, and I for one cannot wait to set up the kids’ baskets. We’re trying to steer clear of candy this year, opting for some adorable and practical gifts instead.

7 Ideas for a Darling (But Practical) Easter Basket

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Minimalist Gift Ideas | 4 Categories for Minimalist Gifts

4 categories for minimalist gift-giving

There’s something about the Christmas season that drives me crazy. Don’t get me wrong — there are aspects I enjoy with all my heart, like spending time with family, indulging in too much junk, and pausing to feel the joy of Christ in my life.  But, I always seem to get wrapped up in consumerism way more than I would like. I’d love to approach the season more simply with these minimalist gift-giving ideas.

When it comes to avoiding over-consumerism, last year was one of the best Christmases I’ve had.  It was sweet and simple, thanks to a new rule we’ve adopted. read more