easy low carb breakfast | savory cauliflower pancakes

Necessity breeds invention and creativity thrives on limitations. That’s how this easy low carb breakfast born. I was in desperate need of a Costco trip, which can make breakfast time difficult — especially with little ones. Once my coffee was in hand, I cooked up some Kodiak pancakes for the kids, which they were more than happy to eat on a Thursday morning.

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I didn’t want pancakes. In fact, while I love me some good carbohydrates, the times I’ve craved bread over the last year have been minimal, thanks to my sweet and happy eating plan. I rummaged through the fridge, pulling out all viable leftover options. Cauliflower rice from last night’s dinner, my last two eggs, and an avocado that may or may not be brown inside. (Thankfully, it was perfectly ripe.) read more

21 THM Christmas Recipes

The holidays are here! I’m jumping up and down at the thought of it. There’s so much fun and beauty to enjoy during this season. And, for once, I have no stress about how it will impact my eating habits. With a little forethought and my handy Instant Pot, I can prepare healthy meals to enjoy amidst the bustle of the season. I’ve also been enjoying a new eating plan for about five months now and look forward to continuing in it over the holiday season. It’s called Trim Healthy Mama, and if you’ve never heard of it, you should definitely check it out. It’s balanced (unlike just about any other plan out there) and joyful. Whether you’re a seasoned Trim Healthy Mama, or just hearing about the plan now, check out these 21 THM Christmas recipes to see how you can enjoy the holidays and your health at the same time. Cheers! read more

THM pumpkin spice muffins | thm-s | low-carb | gluten-free

THM pumpkin spice muffins are the ultimate way to enjoy a crisp autumn or winter morning. I love that I can indulge in something delicious and healthy, instead of tearing my body down with blood-sugar-spiking ingredients. Just one of the many ways I like to practice self-care. In any case, I’ll take these THM pumpkin spice muffins with some black coffee any day over one of those sticky overly-sweet pumpkin spice lattes. #sorrynotsorry

THM pumpkin spice muffins | #glutenfree #thm #pumpkin #muffins #lowcarb #healthy #recipes #pumpkinspice #muffins

It’s 10 am and the toddler is crawling up my legs, clearly famished and ready for his morning snack. Unfortunately, the cupboards and fridge are also a bit sparse. read more

easy lavender syrup recipe | + 10 different ways to use it

With spring here and Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve been in the mood for all things floral and bright. From the floral kimonos to nature-inspired children’s books, I’m swooning. One of my favorite ways to infuse this season into our home is with an easy lavender syrup recipe. I love the calming properties of lavender essential oil and am becoming quite obsessed with the flavor. The other day, my obsession spurred me to the stove to make a quick lavender-infused simple syrup (which I, of course, have been using on everything I eat and drink). You’ll love how simple it is to elevate your brunch, dessert, or beverage with this easy lavender syrup recipe read more