Color Inspiration | Lily’s Room

Lily's Room | Color Inspiration #color #colorscheme #coral #kidsroom
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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been color obsessed. As a child, I knew all the names of my Crayola crayons. Now as an adult, I secretly wish I could be the one who names the paint colors for Benjamin Moore. In fact, one of the best gifts I ever received was a fan deck of all their paint colors (all credit goes to my hubs). Color inspiration is my therapy and I’m pretty sure there’s no funk a beautiful palette can’t pull me out of. Color Inspiration | #color #colorscheme #coral #kidsroom #minimalism

Since color is my happy place, I thought it’d be fun to create a little space on my blog for it, starting with the prettiest room in our house: My 4-year-old’s.

Color Inspiration | A Treasure Hunt in Lily’s Room

To be fair, Lily’s room isn’t perfect. In fact, I’ve thought a few times that it’s maybe not really worth posting. After all, there are countless magazine-worthy rooms on Pinterest and Instagram that can sure make a girl feel like a failure.

But, my hope is that this color palette and room inspire you (as it does me), while also encouraging you that perfection is a myth.

(Psst. The pictures don’t show this, but her closet doesn’t have any doors, so all the unsightly things are in plain view, like the bright pink box of pull-ups, wire hangers, and cheap dress-up clothes. #perfectionisamyth)

Color Inspiration | #color #colorscheme #coral #kidsroom #minimalism

The color on Lily’s walls is Seagull Gray by Behr. I also used the same gray in Wyatt’s room and love it! It can look a bit purply at times, but I think it goes beautifully with the white, gold, and coral.

^ Now, do you spy that soft blue-pink gradient on Lily’s wall in the photo above? My momma did that! She has painted the most beautiful murals, and this one is no exception. It played a big role in tying Lily’s room together for me. And it has Lily’s favorite color in it: pink!

Color Inspiration | #color #colorscheme #coral #kidsroom #minimalism

The stunning dollhouse above was a gift from my talented dad. He made it for Lily one Christmas, along with an exact duplicate for Lily’s cousin who’s the same age. You know how I said perfection is a myth? Well, that doesn’t actually apply with my dad. I could look at that dollhouse all. day. long. It’s not only gorgeous, but it also makes me think of my thoughtful and talented dad, and the countless hours and love he put into making it. What a blessing he is!

Color Inspiration | #color #colorscheme #coral #kidsroom #minimalism

Duke loves hanging out in the kids’ rooms. #sohygge

Oh, and can you guess why Lily came into the room in this photo? To tell me Wyatt was dumping out all the tea bags downstairs. (Konmari challenge, case in point!)

Color Inspiration | #color #colorscheme #coral #kidsroom #minimalism

I spy two other little treasures in the above photo. A beautifully-crocheted blanket from my mother-in-law, made lovingly for Lily while she was growing in my tummy, and a seriously-adorable treasure box from her aunt, who knows how much she likes treasures and jewels.

Color Inspiration | #color #colorscheme #coral #kidsroom #minimalism

Color Inspiration | #color #colorscheme #coral #kidsroom #minimalism

Thank you for exploring this palette and room with me.  If you’ve read this far, I want to leave you with a task: Do (or surround yourself with) something that inspires you this week, and enjoy it. Inspiration is a gift from God!

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    What a beautiful room, Lily is so lucky!!

    1. Thank you! 😍

  2. You’re so good! It’s beautiful 🙂

    1. Thank you, Aly! 💕

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