15 last-minute father’s day gift ideas

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June is here and Father’s Day is just around the corner — this weekend, actually! I don’t know about you, but I always seem to come up short when it comes to gift ideas for dads. Why are they so hard to shop for?! Apart from the standard tie (#nothappening), or maybe a surprise flock of backyard chickens, it can be a challenge to find the perfect gift for him. And if you procrastinate like I often do, you’ll need to find something quick. I’ve scoured the Internet and have compiled a list of a few perfect Father’s Day gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to that handsome face of his. And all are available on Amazon Prime, so you can have them on your doorstep by Sunday.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas | for the office (or man cave)

Father's Day Gift Ideas #fathersday2018 #ilovemydad #thanksdad #firstfathersday #bestdadaward #mydadmyhero

Father’s Day Gift Idea #1 | Tabletop Golf in a Mug

Caffeine and his favorite hobby in one. He’ll be the envy of all his colleagues.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #2 | Echo Show

So he can play his favorite playlist without having to stop what he’s doing to press any buttons.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #3 | Baseball Stadium Blueprint

To hang in the office — or man cave.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #4 | Shakespearean Insult Chart

Another idea to hang up in his space.


Father’s Day Gift Ideas | family fun

Father's Day Gift Ideas #fathersday2018 #ilovemydad #thanksdad #firstfathersday #bestdadaward #mydadmyhero

Father’s Day Gift Idea #5 | Scratch Map 

A fun activity for the family with big travel plans on their bucket list.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #6 | Table Topics for Families 

Start some great conversation at dinner.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #7 | Exploding Kittens

A fun game for a family that’s into kittens, explosions, and laser beams. (And sometimes goats.)


Father's Day Gift Ideas #fathersday2018 #ilovemydad #thanksdad #firstfathersday #bestdadaward #mydadmyhero


Father’s Day Gift Ideas | cooking and grilling (or just eating)

Father's Day Gift Ideas #fathersday2018 #ilovemydad #thanksdad #firstfathersday #bestdadaward #mydadmyhero

Father’s Day Gift Idea #8 | Grill accessories

You can’t go wrong with some new grill accessories. Bonus: This makes it more likely that you won’t have to cook dinner. 😉

Father’s Day Gift Idea #9 | Grilling Apron

A grilling apron that means business. Or one that cues riotous laughter, depending on your family dynamics.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #10 | Beer Jelly

To elevate those dishes to a whole new level.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #11 | DIY Hot Sauce Kit

For the guy who can’t get enough heat.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #12 | Toaster Grilled-Cheese Bag

Because sometimes he just wants a grilled cheese sandwich that doesn’t involve a pan.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #13 | Donut-Warming Mug

He can keep his donut warm while adding an extra layer of insulation to his coffee.


Father’s Day Gift Ideas | grooming

Father's Day Gift Ideas #fathersday2018 #ilovemydad #thanksdad #firstfathersday #bestdadaward #mydadmyhero

Father’s Day Gift Idea #14 | Bacon-Flavored toothpaste

Because mint is so old school.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #15 | Shaving Set

Pamper him with a shaving set that makes him feel like a million bucks.

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