Mom Quiz: What Kind of Mom Are You?

Mom Quiz: What Kind of Mom Are You? #mom #momlife
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Moms are like snowflakes. No two are exactly alike. And yet, we like to categorize ourselves based on the gifts, passions, and parenting styles we exhibit. It’s like we want to label ourselves as the “chic, fashionable mom” or “natural, organic, make-everything-from-scratch mom” or “the mom who does crafts and lets her kids play in the mud”. And the interesting thing is, don’t we find some kind of pride in these identities? Don’t we want others to view us or define us in light of them?

Mom Quiz: What Kind of Mom Are You? #mom #momlife

Mom Quiz: What Kind of Mom Are You?

Well, first and foremost, let me say this: There’s no mom quiz here. Sorry.

Not that I’m against these kinds of quizzes. After all, they can highlight the unique aspects of our character. They can be fun and, shoot, some can even be enlightening. But, if we’re honest with ourselves, aren’t we kinda looking for a piece of our identity in these things?

Aren’t we kinda hoping something will come along to simplify and categorize who we are, so we can declare that to ourselves and others around us? As if we’ll say, “A-ha! Now I know who I am. That makes so much sense.”

Mom Quiz: What Kind of Mom Are You? #mom #momlife

Mom Quiz: Let Me Tell You…

Well, if I may, I will tell you what kind of mom you are. You may not believe me (although, I actually sincerely and fervently hope that you do).

Mom Identity #1 | You are a work of art, created by the Mighty God of the universe.

Mom Identity #2 | You were made to be a reflection of Him.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Mom Identity #3 | You are unique.

Mom Identity #4 | Every unique characteristic you possess offers a hint of who God is AND NOT ABOUT WHO YOU ARE. (Sorry to yell, I had to.)

Mom Quiz: What Kind of Mom Are You? #mom #momlife

Mom Identity #5 | You are treasured by Him (so much that He stooped down to our earthly level to die so that He might be reunited with you again).

Mom Identity #6 | You cannot be categorized by any mom quiz, and doing so only does a grave injustice to the multifaceted and intricate masterpiece you are.

Mom Identity #7 | Your role as a mom is. HUGE. You are more of a leader in your home than you think, and you have the unique opportunity to show your family the face of God through the way He has reflected Himself in you. Because of this, you must invest in your own wellness so that your family can get the absolute best of you and the clearest picture of Him.

Mom Quiz: What Kind of Mom Are You? #mom #momlife

And there you have your mom quiz results.

The next time you’re tempted to berate yourself for not falling completely in line with your self-assigned mom identity, remember the truths above. Likewise, maybe the next time you start developing a sense of pride in your “fashionable mom” or “natural mom” or “craft and dirt mom”, take note. These identities will crumble the next time you walk out the door in sweats, let your kids have Goldfish, or opt for television instead of painting.

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