Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | What Mom Really Wants

Mother's Day Gift Ideas #omthersday #giftideas
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I remember Mother’s Day as a child. I couldn’t wait to give my mom her Mother’s Day gift (usually a hand-made artistic masterpiece, done in mixed media like crayon, construction paper, marker). I remember being excited to “help” my dad bring her breakfast in bed.

I also remember asking my mom why there isn’t a “Kid’s Day”.

[Cue my now hysterical-crying-can’tbreathe-laughter]

Now that I’m a mom, I understand the beauty in dedicating a day to mothers. I practically drool at the thought of it.

You know what I want?

It isn’t flowers. (Well, not the kind you might think.)

It isn’t jewelry.

It isn’t a silver heart engraved with a cliche note about motherhood.

Oh, did I just ruin your Mother’s Day gift plan? #sorrynotsorry

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | What Mom Really Wants

What I really want for a Mother’s Day gift is to sleep in and not have to worry about figuring out breakfast.

Also, maybe a car wash. #becausekids

That’s it. Really. I mean, it doesn’t have to be over-the-top indulgent to make an impression on me these days. If I can take an unhurried shower and use the bathroom by myself, I’m ecstatic.

I’m mostly just excited to spend the day with family. I have every intention of indulging in some lavender-lemon mimosas with crepes and sitting back to enjoy the beauty of parenthood. After all, I wouldn’t be a mother without the little rugrats, would I?

But… if hard-pressed to list some actual, unwrappable Mother’s Day gifts, here’s what I would say.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #1 ~ Anything Joanna Gaines

Mother's Day Gift Ideas #mothersday #giftideas #momlife

Magnolia Table. Because many of us mamas will be going through some major Joanna Gaines withdrawals. And you can’t beat the vibe of this cookbook. I love that it focuses on gathering, which is exactly the kind of vibe I’d like to nurture in our home (and sometimes, I need a little inspiration).

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #2 ~ Romantic Floral Kimono

Mother's Day Gift Ideas #mothersday #giftideas #momlife

A gorgeous floral kimono. Because I can totally picture myself drinking my coffee in something like this. Right?

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #3 ~ Good Coffee

Mother's Day Gift Ideas #mothersday #gift #giftideas #momlife

A pour-over coffee maker. This has got to be the easiest way to get a good cup of coffee. All you need is good beans, a coffee bean grinder (I recommend a burr grinder), and hot water to get the freshest, most delicious cup of coffee.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #4 ~ Edible Flowers

Mother's Day Gift Ideas #mothersday #giftideas
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Edible flower seeds. Who wouldn’t love to grow and start using some of these gorgeous flowers in the kitchen? Whether it’s making tea from chamomile blooms, decorating desserts with marigolds, or topping a salad with daisies, I can think of few other ways to create an inspiring dish with something so simple. An even easier route would be some super-easy homemade lavender syrup that she can use to dress up anything from her morning yogurt to her Mother’s Day mimosas.

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  1. Lol on the “kids day”! I totally remember your confusion about that. ?

    1. Right?! If Lily ever said that to me… bahahaaa!

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