an honest note to moms on mother’s day

An honest note to moms on mother's day | #mothersday #mothersdaygift #mothersdaycard #mothersdaydiy #makemomsday #mothersdaybrunch #mothersdayideas #mothersdaycake

Caring for little ones is hard work. And, while it is certainly beautiful, it probably doesn’t look picture-perfect. I’d actually argue that maybe it shouldn’t.

Kids crash into your life and disrupt everything, don’t they?

I just tucked in a screaming, thrashing toddler who is now peacefully napping but still covered in dried-up yogurt from breakfast. And I also told the preschooler that, if she didn’t let go of the running hose RIGHT NOW, I would spray her with it. read more

10 ideas for an elegant mother’s day brunch

Mother's Day | #mothersday #mothersdaygift #mothersdaycard #mothersdaydiy #makemomsday #mothersdaybrunch #mothersdayideas #mothersdaycake

I cannot believe Mother’s Day is around the corner already! Lily has a special Mother’s Day tea at her preschool and I cannot wait to watch her perform her little Mother’s Day song with her classmates. I also can’t wait for actual Mother’s Day and look forward to kicking back with my family for a Mother’s Day brunch.

While I do enjoy having brunch at a restaurant, there’s something special about having a Mother’s Day brunch at home. It’s cozier and more flexible than one at a restaurant, but can still be just as elegant (even if you’re lazy like me!). Here’s the trick. read more

mother’s day gift ideas | what mom really wants

Mother's Day | #mothersday #mothersdaygift #mothersdaycard #mothersdaydiy #makemomsday #mothersdaybrunch #mothersdayideas #mothersdaycake

I remember Mother’s Day as a child. I couldn’t wait to give my mom her Mother’s Day gift (usually a hand-made artistic masterpiece, done in mixed media like crayon, construction paper, marker). I remember being excited to “help” my dad bring her breakfast in bed.

I also remember asking my mom why there isn’t a “Kid’s Day”.

[Cue my now hysterical-crying-can’tbreathe-laughter]

Now that I’m a mom, I understand the beauty in dedicating a day to mothers. I practically drool at the thought of it. read more

easy lavender syrup recipe | + 10 different ways to use it

With spring here and Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve been in the mood for all things floral and bright. From the floral kimonos to nature-inspired children’s books, I’m swooning. One of my favorite ways to infuse this season into our home is with an easy lavender syrup recipe. I love the calming properties of lavender essential oil and am becoming quite obsessed with the flavor. The other day, my obsession spurred me to the stove to make a quick lavender-infused simple syrup (which I, of course, have been using on everything I eat and drink). You’ll love how simple it is to elevate your brunch, dessert, or beverage with this easy lavender syrup recipe read more

what you should know before getting backyard chickens

It all started when Lily was 1 and I had the sudden urge to get backyard chickens.  My parents were about to replace their coop with a new one and offered to give us theirs. It was the perfect opportunity.

Backyard Chickens | #backyardchickens #chickens #slowliving #homestead

backyard chickens | how it all started

Rather than chatting with my husband first, I decided to “surprise” him with the “news” that we were getting chickens. (It’s easier to ask for forgiveness later, right?)

My parents and I schemed for a couple weeks. They were able to pick up three hens for us and bring them down, along with their old coop. read more

easy Easter eggs (inspired by the real Easter story)

Easy Easter Eggs | #easter #eastereggs #jesus #palm

Spring really is a magical time of year. After months of cold and darkness, seeing the first blooms of the season is like reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.

It is a season for fresh, new beginnings. A season for celebrating nature and enjoying the sunshine. It’s also a season of anticipation, in many ways.

I can’t help but look forward to the brighter, sunnier months ahead. And of course, I look forward to Easter (which is approaching in just a couple weeks)!

We love celebrating Easter with the traditional egg hunt and Easter baskets. I also love finding ways to emphasize Jesus in all of the festivities. read more

7 ideas for a darling (but practical) easter basket

Easter Basket Ideas #easter #easterbasket #parenting #minimalism #spring

We’ve sprung our clocks an hour ahead. Our hens are laying double-time, and the hummingbirds are dueling over our lemon tree blossoms.

Spring is here. Hallelujah!

We have Easter in a couple weeks, and I for one cannot wait to set up the kids’ baskets. We’re trying to steer clear of candy this year, opting for some adorable and practical gifts instead.

7 Ideas for a Darling (But Practical) Easter Basket

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3 steps to refresh your kitchen (without breaking the bank)

refresh your kitchen

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Take a moment to think about your kitchen.

I mean, really… think about it. Reflect on all that it does for you.

Day in, day out, it is always there just waiting to be of use.

As the heart of the home, it singlehandedly hosts everything from daily meals to gatherings with friends. You probably use your kitchen multiple times every day (in some capacity, at least). read more

appreciating the gift of parenthood

Appreciating the Gift of Parenthood


They say the days are long, but the years are short.

How true this is.

I often think one of my biggest failings in motherhood is that I rarely take the time to pause and reflect. Months pass without me even stopping to consider what has changed. Or appreciate what has remained.


It’s been 40 months since she crashed into our world and made us parents.

She is my enthusiastic, contemplative, sensitive-hearted baby girl.

Lily Playing Trick-or-Treat

I love the way her eyes dance wildly when she looks at me. As if each moment we spend together were a riotous thrill.  She has grown and changed so much over the last three years, but that gaze has remained constant.  I love how it reminds me of the baby she was. read more

the newest way to declutter: swedish death cleaning

If you haven’t heard, the new decluttering trend these days sure is a cheerful one: Swedish Death Cleaning. 

Pleasant, isn’t it?

Being the decluttering freak expert that I am, I had to look into it.

I started with a web search and also read the book, which was actually charming at times. Leave it to the Swedes to find ways to incorporate balance and harmony into an otherwise dreary topic. The author, Margaretta Magnusson, lives in Stockholm and is in her 80’s or 90’s and has undergone the “death cleaning” process three times. I’m not gonna lie — a good portion of the book is her reminiscing about events in her life that she was reminded of during the process of death cleaning. I almost felt like I was sitting down for a cup of tea with my great-grandmother, patiently waiting for her to get the point of her story. I suppose it’s a little charming… if you aren’t in a hurry! read more