21 THM Christmas Recipes

Christmas Dinner Ideas | #thm #thmchristmas #healthychristmas #holidays #lowcarb #keto
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The holidays are here! I’m jumping up and down at the thought of it. There’s so much fun and beauty to enjoy during this season. And, for once, I have no stress about how it will impact my eating habits. With a little forethought and my handy Instant Pot, I can prepare healthy meals to enjoy amidst the bustle of the season. I’ve also been enjoying a new eating plan for about five months now and look forward to continuing in it over the holiday season. It’s called Trim Healthy Mama, and if you’ve never heard of it, you should definitely check it out. It’s balanced (unlike just about any other plan out there) and joyful. Whether you’re a seasoned Trim Healthy Mama, or just hearing about the plan now, check out these 21 THM Christmas recipes to see how you can enjoy the holidays and your health at the same time. Cheers!

THM Christmas Recipes | #thm #thmchristmas #healthychristmas #holidays #lowcarb #keto

There are so many wonderful flavors I associate with Christmas. From nutmeg and cinnamon to pumpkin and cranberry, I can’t help but get excited to start playing with them all in my kitchen. With these THM Christmas recipes, I love that I can experiment with all these gorgeous flavors while still maintaining a feeling of wellness. No bloat, no sugar crashes, no fuzzy brain going on here. Just all the goodness of these beautiful flavors, along with the health and wellness my body was designed to enjoy.

THM Christmas Recipes | drinks

caramel apple good girl moonshine (FP) – Mamashire

the yummy eggnog detox (S) – Briana Thomas

5-ingredient hot chocolate (S) – Briana Thomas


THM Christmas Recipes | appetizers

french onion tartlets (S) – Joy Filled Eats

cheddar crackers (S) – My Table of Three

3 ingredient double cheese crackers (S) – My Montana Kitchen

brie appetizer bites with raspberry (S) – Joy Filled Eats

smoky deviled eggs (S) – My Montana Kitchen


THM Christmas Recipes | the ham

“brown sugar” glazed ham (S) | Briana Thomas


THM pumpkin-spice muffins | #glutenfree #thm #pumpkin #muffins #lowcarb #healthy #recipes #pumpkinspice #muffins

THM Christmas Recipes | sides

roasted butternut squash soup (FP) – My Fling with Food

sweet pumpkin casserole (S) – Mrs. Criddles Kitchen

garlic mashed caulitoes (S) – Briana Thomas

3 ingredient stovetop glazed pecans (S) – Joy Filled Eats


THM Christmas Recipes | desserts

pumpkin spice muffins (S) – Joy and Simplicity

pecan pie bars (S) – Fit Mom Journey

pumpkin pie (THM-S) – Briana Thomas

guilt-gone cranberry pie (S) – Trim Healthy Mama

trim healthy mama no-bake chocolate cream pie (S) – Happy Homeschool Nest

baked pears (XO) – Healthy Recipes Blog

healthy buckeyes (S) – Briana Thomas

basic THM piecrust recipe (S) – Joy Filled Eats (*You can get creative and fill it with a fruit of your choice, either keeping to the “S” fuel in the crust with berries, or making it a delicious crossover by mixing in some apples. Yum!)

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