Easy Toddler Halloween Costume

Toddler Halloween Costume #halloween
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We loved this easy toddler Halloween costume! It was simple, reusable, and perfect for autumn vibes.

Easy Toddler Halloween Costume #halloween #costume #easy #holidays


I always smile when Starbucks brings out its pumpkin spice lattes.

I’m not particularly fond of the drink (don’t shoot!), but I love the season it represents.

While September is usually the hottest part of the year for us in San Diego, it brings a certain freshness to it. The promise of cozier times ahead, along with some of that crisp, cold air of fall and winter.

Yes, that “crisp, cold air” for me is a good 58 degrees.

For me, the PSL almost acts as a catalyst of anticipation: warm, comforting meals, picking apples from the local orchard, visiting the pumpkin patch, and of course, trick-or-treating.

Last year was Lily’s first time trick-or-treating, and it was just about the cutest thing ever. I loved seeing her wander around with that adorable toddler tummy in her black cat costume. Which, let’s be honest, the black cat never gets old. I loved how easy, classic, and repurposable this costume was!

Easy Toddler Halloween Costume

Oh, how I loved this costume. So adorably perfect, can be repurposed for everyday dress-up play, and super easy to put together. This is one of my favorite pictures, taken after an afternoon and evening of trick-or-treating.

She kept twirling in her costume, saying “I so tiute!” (“cute”). And she insisted on holding her trick-or-treat bag all by herself, saying”I!” every time we’d try to help.

I said the costume was “easy to put together”, and I’m not kidding. I literally ordered everything from Amazon, except for the makeup (I just used my own).

What You Need for This Toddler Halloween Costume

  • Black leotard (which she has worn on a weekly basis)
  • Tutu (in black; also worn on a weekly basis)
  • Cat ears and tail (the tail and bowtie didn’t hold up very well, but she still wears the ears all the time)
  • A touch of your own makeup (assuming you have some lipstick in red/pink and some dark brown or black liner)

Seriously. Darling.

So darling, in fact, that we repeated it the following Halloween. 😉

What will your kids dress up as this Halloween?

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